1. "yo, slavery is fucking gross…imma keep my slaves doe lol"
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    Polish doctor that refused to perform abortion named a “hero”

    Dr Bogdan Chazan was visited by an expecting mother (32 weeks into pregnancy), who already had 5 miscarriages before and was worried about her health. It turned out that the fetus had hydrocephalus, undeveloped brain and was missing many bones from its skull. The Doctor refused to perform an abortion and didn’t send the woman to another hospital which could do so (according to polish law, if a doctor doesn’t want to perform an abortion, he has to choose another hospital which will agree to do so). Chazan was named a “local hero” and “true warrior of Jesus in the name of life of the unborn” by many polish politicians and catholic activists. He used conscience clause as an excuse for his actions.

    The woman gave birth to the child through a C-section. She and her husband spent 10 painful days watching their deformed child die a horrible death. When she finally decided to speak out, she said:

    During these 10 days, no priest, no pro life activist or even dr Chazan came to see the child, to ask if they can help. It was really hard to look at our child. We knew what was coming, but it was still very hard to cope with

    Congratulations, pro-lifers - another “life” saved, another “happy” child and “happy” family. 

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    my friend is hiding under this bean bag in the library so he doesnt have to go to PE


    the only way you can see him is if you get on the floor behind the bean bag and see the light of his phone


    I bet he’s on Tumblr

    I am

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    is the fact that the most successful actor in the x-men series is a straight white cisdude ironic or just sad.

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    a 24/7 diner for queer people


    This is fucking stupid.


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  9. you need to tell yourself honey… is he really cute? or is he just a white with a visible jawline?

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    Does swallowing your saliva break fast??


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    "ew why would u swallow"


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    It’s a superwholock post.

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  14. "Most mass murderers do not go from zero to 60. Rodger made escalating assaults on women (splashing coffee on them, attempting to shove them off a ledge) before his killing spree. Both Cho and Justin-Jinich’s murderer harassed women before they killed anyone. When such acts go unnoticed and unpunished — because we expect men to harass women, and it’s not outrageous or even noteworthy when they do — they can become stepping-stones to more conspicuous and less socially acceptable acts of violence."

    Raina Lipsitz

    Interesting to note that while a history of animal cruelty is widely accepted to be a link with becoming a serial killer, the link between cruelty towards women and killing women is still up for debate. If a guy abuses a cat and then shoots women we say "we should have seen it coming that guy was nuts", but if abuses women and then shoots women we say "we had no way of seeing it coming that guy was a perfectly polite, kind and wonderful human 

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